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Storage by Sherpo is no longer operational.
You don't have to worry about anything, and can safely uninstall our apps. We are extremely grateful for your support, and for believing in our vision.
Our future is at It's a completely new and different product, but there's still some storage involved!
Wish you all the best, and thanks, again,
Giacomo and Stefano

Thank you for believing in us, and feel free to join us on our next journey at

Our next journey, at

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Store (almost) anything

Dragging stuff around is no fun!

That's why, with Sherpo, you can safely store your luggage, or virtually any other item, in our Points with the tap of a button.

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Transparent pricing

No hidden fees. No service fees. No paying for an entire day.

0 / item

When storing the item for 3 hours.

Sherpo Coins

Get rewarded for storing your items

Earn Sherpo Coins every time you check out a stored item and spend them for discounts on your next bookings.

A happy family of Sherpo users.
Global reach

Available wherever you are

And if you can't find user near you, suggest us a local business to partner with or, better yet, direct them to our resources.

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Join the Storage Revolution and never worry about luggage and inconvenient items ever again.

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