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Storage by Sherpo is no longer operational.
You don't have to worry about anything, and can safely uninstall our apps. We are extremely grateful for your support, and for believing in our vision.
Our future is at It's a completely new and different product, but there's still some storage involved!
Wish you all the best, and thanks, again,
Giacomo and Stefano

Thank you for believing in us, and feel free to join us on our next journey at

Our next journey, at

Extra space at your business place?

Get a new income stream and take part in the Storage Revolution. Become a Sherpo Point.

Registration is no longer available.

Global reach

Help tourists and locals store their burdensome items

Any ground-level business with extra space can become a Sherpo Point.

A Sherpo Point.
Simulate earnings

Monetize your extra space and attract new customers

 / month

Considering 10 stored items per day, at least 6 hours each.

Point Console

Manage and monitor your bookings


A screenshot from the Point Console.

Handle upcoming bookings for the day. Check in and check out customers. Monitor what you're currently storing.


A screenshot from the Point Console.

Update your working hours to match the actual openings of your business. Never miss a customer.


A screenshot from the Point Console.

Need some extra time off? Holidays. Days off. Hours off. All are just a single click away.

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Join the Storage Revolution and never worry about luggage and inconvenient items ever again.

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